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Gold Channel

Gold Channel for Sunday 10th April 2016


Our second meeting in our new digs!! It's certainly an improvement over the last place -- the tables didn't need washing before use! Luxury! I hope you all are enjoying it as well.

Lasst month we had a great program courtesy of Steve (much to his surprise <that he had a program to do. Not that it was great. [Of course, I guess he *could* have been surprised that it was great.] Which it was.> Since he was...ahem...volunterred for it) Space: Above and Beyond was totally new to me -- I don't know how I missed it. Now I have to watch more, dang it.

This month's program is being provided by Rob, so hold on to your hats (assuming of course you have one. If not, hold on to your metaphorical hat. [Or your head might explode. So...grab that hat. If your head explodes we loose our cleaning deposit.])

Ok, I think I'm getting a bit punchy. So, enjoy the program! If you have any comments or suggestions I'd love to hear them.


more Queen's College Arms pub

Next Pub Meeting - Thursday 26th May 2016

At The Queen's College Arms in Tadley, 7:30pm till 11:00pm (1930 - 2300) as usual. (map)

Later Thursday meetings:
23rd June, 21st July, 28th August, 15th September, 13th October, 10th November, 8th December

more Book Club

Next Book Club - Saturday 28th May 2016

At South Ham library, 10:00am till 12:00pm (1000 - 1200). (map). Discuss what books and graphic novels are new and what's worth reading.

Later Saturday meetings:
25th June, 23rd July, 20th August, 17th September, 15th October, 12th November, 10th December

more Red Lion Hotel

Next Club Meeting - Sunday 5th June 2016

At Red Lion Hotel in Basingstoke, 3:00pm till 9:30pm (1500 - 2130). (map).

Later Sunday meetings:
3rd July, 31st July, 28th August, 25th September, 23rd October, 20th November & 18th December


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