Quick Guide to the Genesis sf Forum

As the genesis sf Yahoo group cannot be controlled or moderated and is just attracting spam, it’s been abandoned.  Instead, use the one found at http://www.genesis-sf.org.uk/forum/, which is much like that used by Basingstoke Anime Society and The Sad Muppet Society.  Follow these simple steps.


1.    Go to http://www.genesis-sf.org.uk/forum/

2.    Press the Registration button.

3.    Read the Terms of Use and press the “I agree to these terms” button.  The terms are basically be 12 years old or more, don’t pollute the discussion, no piracy, don’t be a jerk and no sock puppets.

4.    Enter a username, an email address twice and a password twice.  Remember your password.  All other fields are optional.

5.    Complete the anti-spam bot test and press Submit.

6.    Wait a few minutes and find the new email with the subject “Welcome to "Genesis sci fi club"”.  It may be in your Junk folder.

7.    Click on the long hyperlink in the message.

8.    Your web browser will briefly display a confirmation page then redisplay the forum home page.  Proceed to login.


1.    If you see the following, you have not enabled automatic login or you cleared your web browser’s cookies.  Press Login.

2.    Enter your username and password.  Click on ‘Log me on automatically each visit’ for automatic login next time.  Do not use this for a shared computer (unless your account is shared with your partner) or at a cybercafé.  Press Login.

3.    A confirmation page will be briefly displayed then the forum home page.

Introduce yourself

Strictly, this isn’t necessary but it’s friendly and the webmaster will notice your account earlier, so he can grant you Club Members privilege.  Only club members may post in the Club Announcements and Club Affairs forums.

1.    Click on the Introductions forum.

2.    Click on the Post a new topic button.

3.    Enter a subject, enter something about yourself in the message body and press Submit.  And can press Preview to see it your post will look like before submitting it.

4.    A confirmation page will be briefly displayed before displaying your message.

5.    Press Forum Home to return to the forum home.

Email notifications

Strictly, this isn’t necessary but it does replicate the function of the old Yahoo group.  Except the club members only restriction stops spammers.  Similar email notifications of other forums are possible.

1.    Click on the Club Announcements forum.

2.    Click on “Subscribe forum” at the bottom.

3.    A confirmation page will be briefly displayed then the Club Announcements forum page.

4.    Press Forum Home to return to the forum home.

Optional: Avatar

This selects an avatar from the gallery.  It is possible to upload your own avatar or link to another site.

1.    Press “User Control Panel”.

2.    Press “Profile” then “Edit avatar”.

3.    Press “Display gallery”.

4.    Click the Category dropdown list, select a category and press the Go button.

5.    Click the desired avatar and press the Submit button.

6.    A confirmation page will be briefly displayed then the Edit Avatar page.

7.    Press Forum Home to return to the forum home.