About Us

Genesis was founded by Robin Williams (no, not THAT one) with the help of Alison Prickett (formerly Dawson) and Mark Sinclair. The first public meeting was held at the Bass House pub in Basingstoke town centre on 11th August 1996.

The initial idea of Genesis, as the name suggests, was a new beginning. Now it is just to provide a place for like-minded fans to gather and talk all things Science Fiction.

We are not tied down to only one format, such as Star Trek or Star Wars, as we believe that anybody who is interested in SF has a wider horizon of interests. We also do not believe in, and do not have any kind of rank or points system nor exams.

The main aim of Genesis is to hold group meetings in a friendly atmosphere where you can talk SF, to watch and discuss movies and television series, eat good food, and participate in a variety of quizzes run by our members, to play games and participate in discussions. We also organise events external to the Public Meetings, such as trips to the cinema, ten pin bowling, paintballing and conventions.

All money that is raised from memberships, raffles and club events and merchandise will be used to fund the club.

The club also has a formal constitution.

Membership Details

Annual membership of Genesis costs £5 for an individual or £10 for family membership (any number of people at the same address). Membership entitles you to a membership card, entrance fees at members' rates, and a copy of the magazine mailed to you after any meeting which you are unable to attend.

Entrance fees are currently £2.00 for members and £3.00 for non-members. These prices are based on the cost of the venue and the number of people attending, and we will endeavour to keep them as low as possible. Depending on how the dates work out, there are between 11 and 13 meetings each year.

We don't have a wide range of club merchandise but there are usually T-shirts of some kind available (the plan for the next batch is embroidered Polo shirts).