The Universe Today 2011

Our long running in-house magazine, published for every club meeting. Now editied by Theresa Forster.

Back issues aren't kept online due to limited disk space and some are missing. Email the webmaster instead.

The Universe Today

9th January 2011

Special edition by the Reduced Rassilon Company, including 10 reasons why you should go to Redemption.

The Universe Today

6th February 2011

What did happen to the Enterprise A? Plus upcoming films such as Thor and Riddick.

The Universe Today

13th March 2011

Debuting Krovt, by Loiuse Stanley.

The Universe Today

3rd April 2011

Featuring Jeremy Ogden's review of Star Trek: TNG season 3.

The Universe Today

1st May 2011

Featuring a tribute to Elizabeth Sladen RIP.

The Universe Today

29th May 2011

Review of the Corsham Sci Fi Family Funday, how close reality is to The Terminator and tribute to the Discovery shuttle and Jeff Conaway RIP.

The Universe Today

21st August 2011

15th anniversary edition

The Universe Today

11th December 2011

All you ever wanted to know about Aramdacon. Guest edited by Jeremy Ogden.