The Universe Today 2010

Our long running in-house magazine, published for every club meeting. Now editied by Theresa Forster.

Back issues aren't kept online due to limited disk space and some are missing. Email the webmaster instead.

The Universe Today

30th May 2010

News about Caprica, Flash Forward and Matt Smith talks about his role as Doctor Who.

The Universe Today

25th July 2010

News about the Green Lantern, 14 things you didn't know about Star Trek and Robert Green vents his spleen about comedy vs. sci fi.

The Universe Today

19th September 2010

News about Torchwood, Matt Smith and Glastonbury and Going Postal.

The Universe Today

17th October 2010

Our trip to the Science Museum and LOTNA.

The Universe Today

21st November 2010

What's wrong with the science of Lost in Space. Has CERN made the Vatican anti-matter bomb for real?

The Universe Today

12th December 2010

ArmadaCon 2010 and what's on TV this Christmas.