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Primeval season 4 - 9th January 2011

I'm currently sitting here watching the first of the new series run of Primeval and my jaw is on the floor (actually, it's the last commercial break, so I'll be stopping in a minute as soon as the programme comes back!)

I never realised just how much I had missed this humdinger of a series. It's always been a brilliant excuse to leave your brain on the ... (Yep, you've guessed it, the programme just came back for it's last bit).


Where was I, oh yes. Leave your brain on the side board and just enjoy the mayhem, allowing the insanity to just wash over you in a glorious flood. We've just put on The Making of Primeval, that was actually broadcast just prior to the main programme that we recorded just in case it has any spoilers in, and even that's really cool.

So what's it all about, well Professor Nick Cutter is a genius plagued continually by his psychotic "ex" wife. Your never really sure of her motivations or true intentions, you just know she's trouble with a capital T. Instead of stalking his girlfriends and shredding his clothes, she disrupts the Earths entire time stream and evolutionary processes just in order to mess with his head (well, I did say she was psychotic).

Cutter leads a rag tag bunch of amateurs that work to track down anomalies (event horizons that allow ancient creatures to cross over into modern day, to create havoc).

Abby is the reptile expert, Cutter may know all about ancient fossils and history, but Abby understands the way animals live and breathe. Connor is a complete idiot, an academic that stumbles into a world that he could never have imagined, and yet somehow becomes invaluable to the team, by his design of a mechanism for detecting and sealing these dangerous anomalies.

Steven is Cutter's right hand man, and the only really action man type of hero in the cast.

Lastly there's Claudia Brown, she soon becomes an intrinsic, if reluctant member of the team. Her job is that of providing cover stories for the bizarre events unfolding in the story, and to keep such things out of the public eye. She soon becomes Cutter's love interest and forms the basis of the cliff hanger ending to season one.

So where are we now? Wel l the information above details the team as they evolved in season one. I've just finished watching the first part of season four.

By now, Cutter, Steven, Helen (Nick's ex) and Claudia are all dead or have moved on, and Conner and Abby have spent the last year trapped in the Cretaceous period. Confused, then you'd better just get watching. Just remember where you left your brain!

David Offen-James