ArmadaCon 23

AramdaCon 23, Plymouth, 11th-13th November 2011

ArmadaCon 23
ArmadaCon 23 ArmadaCon 23
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Hall of Fame 2011

Quiz winners of 2011.
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Corsham Sci Fi Family Funday, Corsham, 9th April 2011

Nutters in costumes, for charity!
Danny John-Jules corshamThe Doctor materializes in the wrong place"By your command."Wookies make great sidekickscorshamWhen in doubt, bring a bigger guncorsham
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Science Museum visit, London, 9th October 2010

There's a lot more to the museum than the few photos here. Science is fun!
"The rest of you break up.  You look like a cadet review!"A completely invisible Nestene control transmitterControl panel from a ‘nuclear wessel’A sectioned mini - they were only supposed to blow the bloody doors offDeleted scene from "Red Planet"?An original chrome toaster - Number Six's lost lost ancestor? Apollo 10